Vote Michelle Weller

Michelle Weller

for Nassau Bay City Council


Dear Neighbor,

Nassau Bay is not only a place I love; it is part of my soul. My family moved to Texas in 1969 after my father became Manager of the SATO Travel Office at NASA, where he issued the first ‘Tickets To The Moon’. I remember being in awe of this amazing place where astronauts walked the streets and still feel the same.

After graduating from Clear Creek High School, I studied Film at the University of Southern California. I served as Manager of Production Support for Universal Studios (working on Law & Order, Miami Vice and Steven Spielberg productions), before producing major motion pictures including Blade 2, Anne Frank, and League of Extraordinary Gentleman.

I returned to Nassau Bay to serve as Director of Operations and run our family business after my father passed away. Currently, I work as a business consultant in Nassau Bay and have served on the Queens Court HOA, Garden Club, Space Center Rotary, and as Presiding Judge for Precinct 307.

My plan is to follow in the footsteps of our founders and dedicate myself to making this community a better place, while preserving our unique history and character. If elected to City Council, I will work to ensure we remain a suburban community, fight back against developing more apartments, focus on infrastructure, and work with developers to attract shops, amenities, and art installations to return Nassau Bay’s splendor.

I bring over 30 years of executive management experience on large scale projects with budgets exceeding $70 MM. I have supervised over 3,000 employees, 70 department heads, managed cost reporting, and built construction sets throughout the U.S. and overseas. One of my proudest accomplishments was collaborating with the Mayor of Prague to rebuild collapsed, flooded streets and buildings during the “Great Flood” of 2002. I am committed to utilizing these skills to improve and preserve our Jewel on the Bay!

I am here to serve YOU!

Contact me if you have concerns you want me to champion on your behalf.

Michelle Weller


Nassau Bay does not need our suburban charm overwhelmed by urban development, including more apartments. Though not opposed to adding luxury townhomes or condos, I will fight back against empty lots being rezoned for apartments. This includes protecting churches from being rezoned as commercial.

I asked neighbors what they would like me to accomplish if I serve on City Council. Overwhelmingly, residents asked what happened to the palm trees, oleanders, beautiful landscaping, historical lamps, and playgrounds. I will fight to keep Nassau Bay’s charm, restore what we have, and prevent tearing down more history.

We increased our overhead 60% over inflation in the past 10—12 years. By leveraging 30 years of executive experience, cost reporting and budgeting, I will remove waste and unnecessary overhead. We can have fiscal responsibility and protect high quality programs like flood mitigation and infrastructure projects.

Residents have expressed the need to replace the quaint shops, restaurants, bookstore, playgrounds and other favorite places to gather. The last thing we need in Nassau Bay is another gas station or fast food franchise. I will attract the right developers and bring back the charm we lost, including art installations such as the museum and theatre, as well as replace the very unpopular statue across from the Hilton.

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